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Path 2 Self Performance

We help motivated adults & athletes reach their health & fitness goals while overcoming pain & dysfunction.

Our Trusted Approach

Founder Zach Beckwith focuses on Mind, Body Wellness through lifestyle changes, mindfulness practices and corrective movement training. Helping individuals cultivate more conscious and authentic movement, behavioral, emotional and thinking patterns to thrive in life. Each individual is run through a specific movement and wellness assessment to create a custom program based on individual goals, needs, wants, environments, medical history, training experience, limitations, beliefs, injury risks etc. Individual programming will help you optimize the four pillars of wellness to bring you into health and harmony.

Four Pillar of Wellness

We focus on improving health by improving the integrity and stability of what we call the four legged chair or the four pillars of wellness which include: movement, mental health, nutrition and rest & recovery. We must maintain a balance of the four pillars or legs otherwise it would be like cutting one leg of the chair. The stability and integrity of the chair will be lost unless all four are sound.


Movement is one pillar of wellness as poor quality movement patterns will ultimately lead to pain and injury. Without quality movement and daily exercise one will struggle to maintain a well balance and healthy life. Movement is one of your greatest medicines. Let us help you build conscious movement patterns that will help you minimize pain and maximize performance.

Mental Health

Mental wellness is key to living a well rounded and healthy life. One can simply not possess a healthy body without a healthy mind as our body is a mirror for the mind. Optimal mental health comes from conscious and aligned beliefs, the ability to regulate ones emotions and nervous system in order to maintain healthy relationships and optimal wellbeing.


Nutrition is another pillar of wellness as we are quite literally what we eat. We cant expect good output if we have poor quality input. Nutrition is the foundation for optimal health as what we eat is either nourishing us or depleting us. Either decreasing or increasing inflammation and stress. Whatever you choose to eat, source the best quality, shop local and be-friend your local organic farmer.

Rest & Recovery

Rest comes in many forms the most important being sleep. We heal and repair when we sleep so optimal sleep is a must. Other forms of rest and recovery come through parasympathetic activities & movement like tai chi, qi gong, meditation, breathwork, slow yoga etc. Optimizing your recovery and sleep is one of the greatest medicines you can offer yourself. 

Are You Ready To Optimize Your Four Pillars & Unlock Your Full Potential?

Wellness Services

  • 1 on 1 Wellness Coaching to improve your health holistically

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    1 hr

    100 US dollars
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    1 hr

    100 US dollars
  • Individualized personal training session with one of our elite persona...

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    1 hr

  • Personal mobility training to improve joint mobility and prevent injur...

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    1 hr

    From 100 US dollars
  • Book a free consultation call to see if our physical therapy services ...

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    30 min

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