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Jewelry Designer

Wildflower Connections Permanent Jewelry

What is permanent jewelry?

It is the latest jewelry trend.  Permanent jewelry is custom fitted to you and is welded shut so it stays with you forever.  Because they are fitted to you, you barely know they are there, other than their beauty.  You really don't feel them at all.

How does permanent jewelry work? 

1.  Make an Appointment at Path2Self Wellness, 50 Pleasant Street, Norwich, CT 06360


2. Choose Your Chain - We have a beautiful selection of Sterling Silver, Rose and Yellow Gold Filled Chains. 

3.  Choose your Charms and/or Connectors - Charms will dangle off of your bracelet while connectors lay flat and do not dangle. 

4.  Get Comfy and Get Welded -  We believe that self care is important, and taking the time and money to treat yourself to a welded piece of forever jewelry is a great form of self care.  We want your time with us to be an experience and therefore we offer beverages, comfy seating, and a vibey experience!!  

Our Pricing

Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Bracelets  $50-$75
Anklets $75 and up
Charms  $20-$35
Connectors $20-$35
Necklaces and Body jewelry will be sold by the inch at $10-$15 per inch


Initial Heart Necklace

We specialize in creating custom permanent jewelry that is unique and meaningful to you. Please note that all sales are final, so make sure to choose your design carefully.
Our jewelry is designed to break off if snagged, ensuring your safety at all times. 

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