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A Community of Wellness

Path 2 Self Wellness stands for truth,
radical responsibility, and health freedom
above all else. We honor the body’s natural
ability to self-regulate and heal. We believe
healthcare is shifting to a self-empowered,
preventative, and root cause approach to
health and wellness. We recognize our
bodies do not make mistakes, they
communicate via a multitude of physical
and mental manifestations. Our bodies
adapt, heal, and overcome if given the
proper nourishment on all levels. We stand
with products and approaches that are
natural, non-toxic, and that create
environments to ensure health on all levels,
spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and

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Finding Our Path

Through struggle and heartache, we attain our greatest gifts.
Being a family who has gone through addiction, a near death
experience, deaths of loved ones, disease, the excruciating pain of
disregulation, we’ve learned to heal through authenticity,
vulnerability, and community. Every heartache has brought us
closer to ourselves and one another. Every heartache has shown
us how to care for the scared inner child that still lives within us
today. Through this journey, we have come to recognize the
importance of mind body healing as we recognize our role in our
own suffering and therefor power to be our own self healers. As a
family, we chose to come together and heal our generational
trauma and patterns in a holistic manner using natural medicine
and modalities. We hope to bring the same level of awareness
and healing to our clientele as we heal individually and 


Meet the Family


Zach Beckwith, MMS, CPT

Zach Beckwith is a Mindful Movement Specialist, Holistic Wellness Coach, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, NASM certified personal trainer and founder of Path 2 Self Movement/Wellness Academy who specializes in pain-free strength and mobility training for injury prevention. Zach has worked in the physical therapy clinic with all clientele from high level athletes to helping elderly patients recover from neurological damage. Zach will help you address your weakest link via movement assessments and corrective exercises to improve your foundational movement patterns while taking your past lived experience into consideration to help you live your life to the fullest, pain free.
Zach himself was a natural born athlete who excelled in all sports but was riddled with injuries as he never prioritized proper strength, stability and mobility training. This ended Zach's athletic career which led to a tough path for Zach early in his twenties. After finding his path back to Self, Zach uses mindfulness, quantum physics, pain neuro science, resistance & mobility training, tai chi and all sorts of mindful movement to heal himself from the inside out and hopes to bring this level of healing to all of his clients.

Co-Founder & Wellness Coach

Daisy Lansford
Family & Wellness Team

Daisy is a unique desert flower that loves to bring sunshine, happiness, kindness, comfort, and laughter to the people she surround herself with. Dedicated to loving her family, she enjoys finding the simple things in life that make this world a magical place. She danced through almost twenty years, teaching the connection felt through non-verbal communication.
When she decided to close the doors to her life in a dance studio, she knew that she wanted to get closer to nature. Her next step was to understand her favorite flower, cannabis. Daisy stumbled upon an organic garden, and found herself surrounded by people who love and understand how the earth works. She learned about composting and how to use mycorrhiza and earthworms in the soil. She discovered companion plants will put vitamins and minerals in the dirt and keep bugs away. Daisy began to sing to all the plants and treat them as one of her own and that is when the real magic began to happen. Life vibrated differently and she knew it would never be the same again. She dedicates her time teaching her family and others about the essence of nature. That we live in a symbiotic relationship, to give and receive with love and respect. She has followed the lead of her heart and is now on her Path 2 Self.

Katelyn and Dylan are 24 and 26 year olds, who have been together for eight years. They’re huge CBD and marijuana enthusiasts, who advocate for marijuana and CBD usage and  to help with anxiety, getting through daily life, traumas and more. Between helping with Katelyns anxiety and eating habits, along with Dylans anxiety and stress relief, they believe they can help those to either understand the usage of this plant, find how it can help you, or to become more open minded on those who do consume marijuana and CBD. Along with the art of using these plants, growing the plants, finding perfect strains to help fit peoples needs. They’re both into finding new herbs and ways of becoming the healthiest and highest of selves. Loving the outdoors, hiking, family time, their cats and dog, Sadie, and gardening. Katelyn and Dylan are super outgoing who bring an amazing vibe individually, but even better together.

Katelyn & Dylan

Family & Wellness Team

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