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A Community of Wellness

Path 2 Self Wellness stands for truth,
radical responsibility, and health freedom
above all else. We honor the body’s natural
ability to self-regulate and heal. We believe
healthcare is shifting to a self-empowered,
preventative, and root cause approach to
health and wellness. We recognize our
bodies do not make mistakes, they
communicate via a multitude of physical
and mental manifestations. Our bodies
adapt, heal, and overcome if given the
proper nourishment on all levels. We stand
with products and approaches that are
natural, non-toxic, and that create
environments to ensure health on all levels,
spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and

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Finding Our Path

Through struggle and heartache, we attain our greatest gifts.
Being a family who has gone through addiction, a near death
experience, deaths of loved ones, disease, the excruciating pain of
disregulation, we’ve learned to heal through authenticity,
vulnerability, and community. Every heartache has brought us
closer to ourselves and one another. Every heartache has shown
us how to care for the scared inner child that still lives within us
today. Through this journey, we have come to recognize the
importance of mind body healing as we recognize our role in our
own suffering and therefor power to be our own self healers. As a
family, we chose to come together and heal our generational
trauma and patterns in a holistic manner using natural medicine
and modalities. We hope to bring the same level of awareness
and healing to our clientele as we heal individually and 

Meet the Family

zach beckwith

Zach Beckwith, PTA, CPT

Zach Beckwith is a Mindful Movement Specialist, Holistic Wellness Coach, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, NASM certified personal trainer and founder of Path 2 Self Performance Physical Therapy & Path 2 Self Wellness Center who specializes in pain-free strength and mobility training for injury prevention. Zach has worked in the physical therapy clinic with all clientele from high level athletes to helping elderly patients recover from neurological damage. Zach will help you address your weakest link via movement assessments and corrective exercises to improve your foundational movement patterns while taking your past lived experience into consideration to help you live your life to the fullest, pain free.
Zach himself was a natural born athlete who excelled in all sports but was riddled with injuries as he never prioritized proper strength, stability and mobility training. This ended Zach's athletic career which led to a tough path for Zach early in his twenties. After finding his path back to Self, Zach uses mindfulness, quantum physics, pain neuro science, resistance & mobility training, tai chi and all sorts of mindful movement to heal himself from the inside out and hopes to bring this level of healing to all of his clients.

Co-Founder & Wellness Director, Head Trainer

amy Beckwith
Owner: Path 2 Self Wellness Shop
Amy Beckwith

Amy Beckwith, a mom to three amazing adults, a wife of thirty-two years, and a licensed optician.  I am warm, compassionate, and witty.  I love life and my family beyond measure.  

Married at twenty and a mom of three by twenty-seven, life was challenging and hard.  I remember the financial struggles, the personal struggles, the emotional struggles that come along with family life.  I also remember and love the beauty in raising a family at a young age.  Fast forward twenty-five years, and here I am with my adult children running a business.  I would never have imagined this life and all that has transpired in between those years.

I started my career in food service, my first job was working at BeeBee Dairy in Norwich as a waitress.  I continued to waitress for many years until I went to college at thirty-nine to be an optician.  Once 2020 came, I realized quickly that this world has changed in a way that I don’t even recognize.  My family and I decided we needed to make change in our professional lives, but didn’t really know how or what to do.

In October 2021, Path2Self was born from an idea on a Saturday evening spent with my husband and kids.  We quickly found our Norwich space and January 7, 2022 we opened our doors.

My role at Path2Self is........surprise surprise.....the “mom” of the operation.  I work a limited role physically in the shop, but am the glue that holds it all together behind the scenes.  When I am in the shop, it is my true happy place.  I vowed to create a space where everyone can come and feel safe and heard in their wellness journey.  I needed to be able to offer compassion, trust, and a sense of community within every inch of the shop.  When I come home from the shop, my first story to my family is never about sales or money, but rather about who came in and how we were able to connect with them and help them.  Every single day, there is a story and it just reinforces why we are here.  We need each other in this life, and I hope you wander into Path2Self Wellness and see what we have to offer you in your life.

katelyn Beckwith
katelyn & Dylan

Katelyn and Dylan, have been together since 2014, highschool sweethearts. They’re huge CBD and marijuana enthusiasts, who advocate for marijuana and CBD usage and  to help with anxiety, getting through daily life, traumas and more. Between helping with Katelyn's anxiety and eating habits, along with Dylan's anxiety and stress relief, they believe they can help those to either understand the usage of this plant, find how it can help you, or to become more open minded on those who do consume marijuana and CBD. Along with the art of using these plants, growing the plants, finding perfect strains to help fit peoples needs. They’re both into finding new herbs and ways of becoming the healthiest and highest of selves. Loving the outdoors, hiking, family time, their cats and dog, Sadie, and gardening. Katelyn and Dylan are super outgoing who bring an amazing vibe individually, but even better together.

Katelyn & Dylan

Family & Wellness Team

cheyenne mcelhiney
I specialize in a somatic based approaches to heal trauma, anxiety, panic, chronic stress and relational issues. I am trained in NARM which bridges traditional psychotherapy with body-mind approach.  I am passionate about making healing accessible to others through practical tools and a gentle approach because I've been in your shoes and know first hand what it is like to live a life of chronic fear, angst and stress. 
Cheyenne McElhiney
Holistic Mental Wellness Therapist
Courtney Beckwith, PCA
Family and Wellness Team

I work in the shop offering my warm smile and kindness to all who enter.  I have a story, and my purpose is to spread my message to all who will listen.  After a two year battle with addiction, I was in a drunk driving accident on May 22, 2014.  I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and had to learn my entire life all over again.  I had to learn how to talk, walk, eat, and care for myself.  I made bad choices as a teen, and feel that I survived this to help others not make the same mistakes that I made.  I love my life, I am a fighter and a survivor. 

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