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Holistic Mental Wellness Therapy

Are you struggling with anxiety, panic, the impact of trauma or chronic stress and feel like traditional talk therapy hasn't worked for you? Do you need practical tools to help you manage overwhelming emotions and take back control of your life?


Healing is simple and it doesn't need to take years. A lot can change in a moment. Invest in a lifetime of mental wealth today!

My name is Cheyenne McElhiney

I am passionate about making healing accessible to others through practical tools and a gentle approach because I've been in your shoes and know first hand what it is like to live a life of chronic fear, angst and stress. 

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I specialize in a somatic based approaches to heal trauma, anxiety, panic, chronic stress and relational issues. I am trained in NARM which bridges traditional psychotherapy with body-mind approach. In session, we will build awareness of patterns that have kept us stuck, learn how to regulate our emotions, relieve stress and form healthier relationships.

mental health therapy

Mental Wellness Therapy

Some of the symptoms my clients have experienced are excessive worry, difficulty calming down or finding safety in their body, difficulty regulating their emotions, difficulty identifying and expressing needs / boundaries and burnout from people pleasing / care-taking. If this sounds like you  let's work together so you can finally find relief and begin living the life that you were meant to live!

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