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Path 2 Self Movement Academy

Path 2 Self Movement Academy is a movement school and training approach

to help individuals learn how to move intentionally

in order to minimize injury and maximize performance.

Movement Reimagined

Movement academy founder Zach Beckwith focuses on mind, body wellness through mindfulness and corrective movement training. Helping individuals cultivate more conscious and authentic movement and behavioral patterns to thrive in life. Each individual is run through a specific movement assessment to cultivate a custom training program based on individual goals, needs, wants, environments, medical history, training experience, limitations, injury risks, etc. Focusing all training programs around the 6 foundational movement patterns to maximize your performance, pain free.

1. Squat 
2. Hinge
3. Lunge
4. Pull
5. Push
6. Carry

Have you tried traditional physical therapy, chiropractor, medications and surgeries with minimal to no success. Most people are living in pain and they simply don't have to live this way anymore. We must first come to understand pain, why we have it and what we can do about it in order to make the necessary changes to live a pain free life.

Many of us are living in pain because we are moving and living on auto pilot, this often leads to movement and behavioral patterns that lead to pain, anxiety, addiction, Injury, arthritis, breathing problem and so much more. Through corrective movement and mindfulness we can begin to cultivate more healthy movement and behavioral patterns that minimize pain and injury while addressing the root cause.

Pain is often misunderstood. Pain like other sensations of the body is a way that our body communicates to us. Often letting us know we do not have the necessary foundation whether it be strength, stability or mobility to tolerate the given environment we are in(work, sport, hobby). From here we can suppress the symptoms via medication or passive treatment(massage, chiropractic adjustment, etc.), we can make no changes and hope for the best(often leading to an injury) or we can perform the necessary training in order to build the foundation and thrive in our environment.

Here at the Path 2 Self Movement Academy we take the ladder and more active approach to healing. We will run you through a movement assessment in order to pin point where your foundation may lack. We will then build you a custom training program so you can begin to thrive in your environment. Through mindfulness and corrective movement training we will help you become more conscious in your body in order to minimize injury and maximize your performance.

Wellness Services
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