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You're Only As Flexible As the Range Of Motion You Can Stabilize Through

We see too many people who are hyper flexible and lack the stability through their full range of motion. This is what often leads to injury. This occurs because life puts you in a position you have access to but no strength and control over. This is the difference between flexibility and mobility. Flexibility is the range of motion a specific joint has access to. Mobility means the amount of range of motion you have strength, stability and control over.

People who are overly flexible tend to stay in their comfort zones, further focus on improving flexibility (passive stretching), all while neglecting to stabilize and strengthen through their full range of motion. Just as those who tend to have more strength often stay in their comfort zone and avoid mobility training which would be most beneficial for injury prevention which is always number one here at Path 2 Self Wellness.

We should be addressing and focusing on our weaknesses, dysfunctions and limitations in order to create health and balance within our body.

The more passive flexibility that you have, the greater range you must stabilize. Work on slowly improving your stability will benefit you most in improving performance and minimizing injury risk. Work to improve your strength and stability through your range of motion and focus on slow eccentrics (lengthening portion of your movements/lifts) to achieve this. In training like this you will be lengthening and strengthening your muscles. This is what mobility training and the Path 2 Self Wellness is all about.

Work smarter, not harder.

Train intentionally, not habitually.

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