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The Medical Cartel & The Ring Leader

The medical establishment was infiltrated by John D. Rockefeller in the early 1900's. John D Rockefeller who was one of the largest owners of petroleum set his sights on medicine and used his massive wealth and influence to take over the American Medical Association. Rockefeller began his campaign by influencing universities via his wealth to drive curriculum to support petroleum-based medicine while simultaneously targeting and tarnishing the reputation of holistic and natural health professionals. He even went as far as having holistic health care professions arrested for "malpractice" all to squander the reputation of natural health to further his agenda.

It didn't take long for people to begin to get sick from his toxic petroleum-based medicine still utilized worldwide today. Upon realizing dis-ease and specifically cancers were skyrocketing due to the introduction of these toxic medication. Rockefeller then created the American Cancer Society to further profit from sick and dying individuals. This was his way of further capitalizing on disease caused by his medication as well as suppressing the information that his drugs were causing massive harm.

These are the individuals behind the current medical establishment or what I call the Medical Cartel. Rockefeller and his posy have now infiltrated all avenues of the healthcare system and all mainstream structures and systems. These individuals possess the power to dictate scientific studies through funding only labs and universities that will produce the results they desire. This is why science is no longer science. It is now the new world religion of 'scientism."

These individuals now influence the CDC, WHO and other worldly organizations who push their agenda on the masses for further profit and control.

The Pharmaceutical companies are the leading spenders for advertising as medication-based medicine is one of the largest businesses worldwide. The sad thing is most don't realize that it is just that, a business.

The Medical Cartel has created a well-oiled machine to condition you to buy into their dis-ease model in order to keep you perpetually sick and in victim consciousness. It is through victim consciousness that the medical cartel feeds from us. Keeping us unaware of the role we play in our own health and well-being. It is through transcending victim consciousness and truly coming to a deep innerstanding of the true nature of dis-ease through radical responsibility that true change is made.

Here at Path 2 Self Wellness we offer a new perspective on dis-ease and help by providing education on what we can do to keep our selves healthy. We will help you move away from a victim mindset around your illness or dis-ease and move into radical responsibility to make true lifestyle changes to be well again. Through our training g& wellness coaching we provide a new perspective around health and wellness to empower YOU to be your own self healer.

-Zach Beckwith Owner, PTA, CPT

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