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Low Back Pain While Squatting?

You are not alone. Low back pain while squatting is quite common but it shouldn't be. If performed correctly squats even with load on your back should NOT create any pain.

This often occurs if one lacks the proper core stabilization and core bracing technique to ensure proper lumbar stabilization, while you squat with load on your back. When the lumbar spine is not stable via core bracing you may experience excessive movement in your spine and potentially pain or worse.

Try these 3 tips!

1. Core bracing technique

2. Maintain the brace through your entire squat for maximal lumbar stabilization.

3. Externally rotate your hips to be sure your glutes are firing throughout your squat.

Give these tips a try and watch the video below to ensure you never have back pain while squatting again.

-Zach Beckwith Owner, PTA, CPT

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