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We All Have A Gap Between The Life We Live And The Life Our Soul Longs For Us To Live.

Updated: Apr 1

We all have a gap between the life we live and the life our soul longs for us to live. Your health is a direct measure of how big that gap is. Your health is independent of what societal, cultural, or family pressures consider to be health.

Our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health is a direct reflection of how closely the life we are living aligns to the life we desire for at our core.

How big is your gap? Are you tuning in? Are you doing the work to close that gap?

To better align with your true potential, to your souls' purpose? Is the way you're currently living your life aligning to your true purpose? Are you unconsciously or consciously creating your reality? What do you need to let go of? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

Many of us are out of alignment yet our egos (false identity) does everything it can to keep us in the dark about this. Our ego will convince us we are okay. Convincing us our relationship is okay, though it's not. Convincing us our work environment is okay because it's safe and we have been there for 20 years. These are the things that cause "dis-ease" over time. We must make the unconscious, conscious and truly face what is needed to be faced to find further alignment and shorten the gap. We must not stay comfortable at the expense of our health. We must not avoid upsetting those around us at the expense of our health.

Most operate from an unconscious victim mindset. Believing that their genes predetermine their future and how healthy they will be. Believing we only get sick from those around us. Our ego's use limiting beliefs like these to keep us from reaching further alignment and necessary changes that will better our health.

Every unconscious or conscious action, belief, thought, emotion, pattern and program you operate from has led you to your level of health or illness right now.

You are fully responsible for your health. This is very scary, but also very liberating as you have ALL the power over your health and your future. You don't need to give your power away to an outside figure. You just have to be willing to face yourself and the harsh truths that must be addressed.

There is no better time for inner work. The universe is longing for all of us to tune in. Tune in to our personal realities so we can better tune into and transform the collective reality. The gap must be closed within all of us individually first so we can close the collective gap of disillusion and dis-ease. We all want to see change in the world, that change must first occur within YOU.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Close the gap.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are not to be considered as medical advice, only opinions through one's own lived experiences.

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