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Conscious Vs. Unconscious Patterns

You're either unconsciously reinforcing self limiting patterns, or you're consciously creating new ones.

Many of us have yet to awaken. Many have yet to integrate a higher level of consciousness. Many are still unconscious of the self limiting behavioral, emotional, thinking and even movements patterns that they operate in most of the day. Unaware that these self-limiting patterns keep them stuck, of a lower vibrational frequency, and continuously reinforcing the same reality.

For those who don't know, we operate 95% of our day from our subconscious mind. which is much like a computer that was programmed from the time we were born to the time we were about 7 years old. Think of it like downloads. The computer as it was, is a blank slate until programs are downloaded.

We took on the beliefs, fears, behavioral, emotional, movement and thinking patterns from those around us. As many of us know, many of these beliefs and patterns do not align with OUR higher/true self. We come to the innerstanding that these patterns and programs once helped us stay safe, they once served a purpose but they are holding us back from aligning with our souls/highest purpose.

Awakening is about raising our consciousness so we can become conscious of this programming. We begin to dismantle our old beliefs and patterns so we can align ourselves with beliefs and create behavioral, emotional, movement and thinking patterns that are in frequency/alignment with our souls purpose.

Most on the awakening journey become aware of the emotional and behavioral patterns that keep us in a lower vibration, but we must not forget about the physical body. We must also become conscious of our self limiting movement patterns. For those unaware, trauma stores in the physical body leading to disfunction and dis-ease of all kinds. This occurs as each emotion is linked to a specific area and organ of the body. For example anger and resentment is linked to the gall bladder and liver. If one suppresses or overly expresses anger it may eventually impact this individuals liver and/or gall bladder in a negative way. This often gets diagnosed as an ideopathetic condition among western medicine as this refers to a dis-ease or condition that cant be explained "scientifically" and I use that word with a grain of salt.

In addressing emotional trauma we can not forget about the physical body. As our body goes through life and deals with trauma on an emotional and physical level our bodies adapt accordingly. Leaving lasting impacts on our nervous system. Our bodies make adjustments to our movement patterns to make it as painless as possible. In doing this, we unconsciously create poor movement patterns and postures that in the long-term cause further issues and restrict chi(energy) flow. For example someone who holds onto a lot of shame and guilt or lacks self confidence may present with rounded shoulders and a slouched posture to mimic the internal emotional state.

I know this may make you think, "where do I start?" This is where our Holistic Wellness Coaching and Movement Academy come into play. Lets start with a holistic assessment to determine where and what unconscious patterns and programs you may be operating and create a plan to start to address them.

Remember, you are either consciously or unconsciously creating your reality. The choice is yours.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are not to be considered as medical advice, only opinions through one's own lived experiences.

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