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Face Yourself 2 Free Yourself

💫Face yourself to free yourself💫

We all want freedom.

We all want liberation.

We all want out of the mental prison.

The problem is so many of us are running from the very thing that can free us.

That thing is us.



Our own personal traumas.

Our own inner child.

Our own negative behavioral patterns.

Our own limiting beliefs.

Our suppressed emotions

Our suppressed desires

Our unanswered dreams

Our own insecurities.

Our own fears.

Facing these parts of ourselves and integrating these shadow aspects of ourselves will give us the freedom and self-liberation we all long for. It will also hold deep within, our inner purpose which so many of us look for outside of ourselves.

This will give us a deeper sense of connection to self which opens the door to a deeper connection with others.

It's through not facing ourselves, and fully embracing all the layers that make us, that causes so much discomfort, so much pain and so much dis-ease. All of the suppressed emotions, all of the suppressed traumas have nowhere to go if left suppressed and unaddressed. All that we internally suppress will externally express. All that we suppress remains within our tissues. This is very often the stuff that causes many of the chronic dis-eases we see so ramped.

We are truly at a crossroads as many continue down a life that is more unconscious in nature. A life where ignorance is bliss. Where unconscious, often harmful, patterns and programs are passed down generation after generation as the shadow remains suppressed.

However, many others are answering the call, taking radical responsibility over their lives and wellbeing and are choosing a more conscious way of living, to create new patterns and programs that better serve us and future generations.

Those that choose the conscious path must first face themselves 2 free themselves.

Think of this as the call to action; the initiation process. It sounds very daunting. You may not know where to start, but this is why we created this space. To help those along the path 2 self, the path of self-liberation, sovereignty and full-on abundance. If you interested in learning more about "how to take the call to action and finally facing yourself 2 free yourself" - then reach out to our wellness team and let's begin your healing journey today.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are not to be considered as medical advice, only opinions through one's own lived experiences.


I forever will always be in love with your spirit of life laughter and mostly the amount of caring you have for all souls! Very happy and proud of you! God Bless.

Unknown member
Aug 17, 2022
Replying to

So grateful for our connection. Love you❤️

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