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They don't want to cure us

We live in a world that places bandades on our issues and treats symptoms instead of addressing the root cause. Healthcare is run by companies like Big Pharma that make money when we are sick. We must understand that no money is made in curing disease only in treating the symptoms. These companies push boat loads of drugs instead of educating us on how our bodies can heal themselves.

Our bodies are self regulating and self healing if treated properly.

We must do our own research. We must give our bodies, minds and souls what they need to thrive. Stress is the cause/trigger to so many dis-eases. We must put our mental health in the forefront. We must give our bodies nutrient rich food and cut out man made, genetically modified food which is literally poisoning us.

We must remain active as a body in motion stays in motion. If you are suffering from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal disease, etc.. instead of feeding into your doctors advice for medication, make these lifestyle modifications and watch your body heal.

Most doctors never even took classes on nutrition.

They are specialists in a certain system. Remember, most likely the system within the body that is showing symptoms is not even the root of the issue.

If you have physical pain. This is not a bad thing as you have a body which is letting you know something is wrong. Do not mask the pain. Do not simply treat the symptoms or allow someone else to treat the symptoms. Do your research and get down to the root cause of the pain. It most likely stems from somewhere away from the site of the pain. If this pain is chronic it may be past emotional trauma that needs to be addressed and released. As emotional trauma can show up later in life via physical pain.

We need to understand that by addressing the root cause we will have to do work to get well again. There is no magic pill that will make us better. Don't just give your power away to someone just because they have a degree.

Be your own advocate. Do your own research.

The power that created us, is the power that will heal us.

-Zach Beckwith- Owner, PTA, CPT

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