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True Wellness Comes Through Toxicity Mitigation On All Levels

You have 5 fish that start out in a clean fish tank. Over the next two months the fish tank becomes dirty and cloudy and two fish start to fall ill. Do you vaccinate the fish? Or do you clean the tank?

Most people have yet to realize just how toxic of an environment we live in. We are exposed to a multitude of toxins in our environment from the toxic food, soil, air, water, people/connections, skin products, work environment, plastic food wrap/plastic bottles, unnatural fragrances, media/programming toxic self limiting thinking patterns, toxic emotional patterns, toxic movement patterns and toxic behavioral patterns just to name a few.

We have been fed a multitude of lies from germ/virus theory is the cause of disease to the old science that states "genes predetermine the health of your future."

When in all reality it is the overly toxic environment which is causing dis-ease within our bodies. Poisoning our bodies on a cellular level. Our bodies seasonally purge these toxins via exosomes which are released due to over toxicity, which manifest as cold/flu like symptoms.

We need to change our mindset and become grateful for our bodies innate ability to naturally detoxify and heal our bodies instead of shaming our bodies for "getting sick"

And it is not the family genes that predetermine your future health. It's the toxic thinking, emotional, movement and behavioral patterns that are carried down generation after generation. It's the generational suppression of emotions, authentic wants and needs that cause dis-ease within our physical bodies. It's the same auto-pilot programming that get carried down, which create the same adaptations/symptoms/dis-ease.

True wellness occurs through toxicity mitigation on all levels. We heal by detoxing from the environmental toxins. We heal by reprogramming our subconscious minds with new behavioral, emotional, thinking and movement patterns that align with our soul purpose. We heal through making better more conscious choices in ALL areas of our life. From the things we eat, the people we surround ourselves with and the beliefs we carry.

We do not heal through symptom management via medication. We do not heal via vaccinations. These are in fact further toxins you are allowing into your being. There is no shortcut to health. Your life is YOUR medicine.

Every choice whether conscious or unconscious is creating your level of wellness or illness in this moment.

Healing is about taking your power back. Healing is about mindful consumption. Healing is about self-appointing yourself as the negative cycle breaker within your family. It ends with YOU.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are not to be considered as medical advice, only opinions through one's own lived experiences.

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