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The Cure To Your Toxic & Deficient Terrain

Dis-ease occurs due to either over toxicity or deficiency. This means symptoms of dis-ease arise if one's internal environment(body) becomes to toxic; due to toxic food, water, air, skin care products, fragrances, relationships, work environments etc. Or due to deficiency, referring to the lack of vital nutrients, safety, connection etc. Our entire view of dis-ease and illness might just be completely wrong. We view symptoms of dis-ease and "illness" as our body malfunctioning and failing us. When it may be just the opposite. What if "illness" and symptoms of dis-ease are actually the healing response and detoxification process of the body. The response which brings you into deeper self awareness and homeostasis.

You are not alone. Help identify your most toxic or deficient area of concern by answering this anonymous poll:

  • My food intake (nutrition, diet, sugars)

  • My hydration (lacking H20, minerals, & electrolytes)

  • My home (safety, family, neighborhood)

  • My work (income, supervisors, co-workers)

You can vote for more than one answer.

What if dis-ease is the cure to an environment/terrain. The perfect adaptation to which the body is trying to find balance due to the unconscious and often poor choices we are making throughout all aspects of our life. What if dis-ease does not occur due to viruses and germs. This only keeps us in a victim mindset, in perpetual fear and away from personal accountability and personal empowerment. This mentality also keeps us highly profitable to the medical establishment, which unfortunately has become nothing more than a business since John D Rockefeller infiltrated the medical establishment.

We must change our mindsets around dis-ease and illness. For our bodies are now being weaponized against us for further control. We must take our power back. We must not shame our bodies when we fall ill. For this is our bodies inherent way of detoxing and releasing toxics on the cellular level. We must thank our bodies for adapting to our toxic environment. We must honor our bodies innate ability to self regulate and heal. We must stop fearing one another and our own bodies.

Just like when we hurt our knee, shoulder, etc., our body instinctively and unconsciously makes adaptations to help us in the short term. Our body may create a new movement pattern or "limp" in order to avoid placing to much tension on a certain area of the body. This is vital and necessary but if left unaddressed, this leads to long term consequences.

The dis-ease process is no different. It's our bodies inherent way of adapting and compensating. We must find the root cause, whether that is a toxicity or deficiency. Maybe it is our relationship causing stress which is impacting our health. Maybe it's a poor diet or water that's contaminated causing distress, diarrhea or any other symptoms of elimination. We must not place a bandage down like a vaccine or drug and blame germs/viruses or others for our illness. For we would not blame someone else if we hurt our own knee/shoulder.

Let's not fear one another, for we have nothing to fear. We do not make one another sick. Our toxic environment does, our unconscious life choices do.

The unconscious or conscious choices we make on a daily bases leads to our level of health in every moment. If we unconsciously move through our life making poor diet, relational, work choices our health will mirror that. If we remain conscious and make good diet, relational, work choices our health will also mirror that.

No-one is responsible for your health, only YOU. This is a scary yet liberating thought, but it gives you your power back. Lets transcend victim consciousness and choose radical responsibility.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are not to be considered as medical advice, only opinions through one's own lived experiences.

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