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Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads

In January, I sustained a severe injury from a skiing accident. I had a complex meniscus tear, ruptured ACL and LCL. So, one Saturday afternoon, I found myself at Path 2 Self Wellness Center in Norwich CT, and met Zach Beckwith. Zach immediately made me feel comfortable and confident. He assured me that I would gain my strength and mobility back and would further train me to get back to what I love to do… SKI!

I’ve always been an adventure seeker but never considered myself an athlete, until I heard it over and over from others, including Zach.

Skiing is an adventurous sport. I know I’m taking a risk each day I go out. The risks outweigh the places I’ve been, each trail I ride, all the beautiful mountain peaks and people I’ve met. I have no regrets even on the day I got injured I used my yoga experience to help calm my mind and know I would be ok. Zach created a personalized training program for me. I worked with him for 8 weeks and then continued into his weekly boot camp. He always gives modifications specific to me or anyone in the class dealing with injuries.

I believe people come into our lives for very specific reasons. I’m so grateful for Zach being so uplifting and positive in my road to recovery! Maybe I’ll be able to return the favor and get him out on the slopes to see the beauty and adventures that await!

~Susan Hyde


This is a BLOG testimony from Path 2 Self Wellness Movement Academy, Susan Hyde of Connecticut. Susan wrote this testimony on her own accord and was not compensated for her authentic response to her progress in her personal fitness journey. Susan's results and testimony should not be considered fitness or exercise advice and does not necessarily represent the opinions, ideas, thoughts, or beliefs of Path2Self. Past performance and results are not indicative of future results. Consult a mindful movement specialist or certified personal trainer before beginning exercise programs or workouts especially when using weights. You should consult your physician or a medical expert before beginning exercise or workout routines. We have to say that.


Original design made for Susan by her dear friend, Elisabeth W. (We thank you, Elisabeth!)

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