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Can Your Life Serve as Your Best Medicine?

We are here to remind you. You are not a victim to your genes, you operate above them. You are not a victim to germs and bacteria. You are only conditioned as such.

You do not need to fear symptoms of “illness” as symptoms are the healing response of your beautiful body. You do not catch a cold, it is the detoxification/adaptation response of your body.

The mainstream medical system has conditioned us all to fear our own bodies and it’s healing responses. We have been conditioned to believe symptoms are our body malfunctioning and that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have been conditioned to believe we get sick from one another. Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your current level of wellness or illness is in direct preparation with the conscious or unconscious choices you make on a daily basis, from the relationships you keep to the food you eat.

I invite you to sit and be with your body today. Ask yourself, what quality of medicine am I providing to myself and those around me.

Let your life be the medicine. Be the medicine.

Watch video below to learn more



-Zach Beckwith Owner, PTA, CPT

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