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Free Yourself

Free Yourself

Your Path to Self starts here! Shop our premium selection of holistic wellness products 

Medi-Sun Reimagined

Traditional Western Medicine Takes a symptoms suppression approach to health, and conditions us to fear our bodies, our symptoms and each other.


Here at Path 2 Self Wellness we Re-imagine Medicine to create a more preventative, empowering and root cause approach to health and wellness.


We will help you make small and manageable changes to begin to cultivate a healthy internal & external environment.


We will empower you to challenge your old beliefs around illness & symptoms so you can finally take your health back into your own hands and learn how to turn your life into your medicine.

If you are seeking deep healing instead of symptom suppression these services are for you.

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Community Wellness

There are others like you that want to live their best life and share it with others. Path 2 Self Wellness is a center where organic farms, apiaries, functional artists, authors, healers, therapists, & teachers are brought together under one roof. We aim to share the "wellth"!

Movement is one of your greatest medicines. It is our quality of movement that will lead to a painful or pain free experience. Let us help you build conscious movement patterns that will help you minimize pain and maximize performance.

Mindfulness comes in many forms, whether it be walking, running, meditation, yoga etc. Mindfulness is the act of remaining fully present during a given task. Remaining mindful in every now moment grants us the ability to consciously respond to our environment instead of reacting in old conditioning. This is where your power resides.

Holistic wellness coaching

addresses your overall wellness on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will help you reframe the way you view your body, your symptoms and provide you the steps necessary to bring you back into balance to improve your overall health and vitality from the inside out.

We offer Breathwork classes to educate and empower individuals to harness the power of their breath. Our breath is our anchor as it is what grounds us within our bodies and connects us to spirit. These classes will show you how to use your breath to calm your nervous system, regulate and process through emotions and trauma as well as techniques to maximize performance.

"I would truly recommend Path 2 Self Movement Academy to anyone who is serious about wanting to train intentionally to optimize true health."

Alyssa Perez, Mom on her Path to Self

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