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Your Path to Self Wellness Starts Here!

Welcome To Path 2 Self Wellness

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We help our community reach their health & fitness goals while overcoming pain & dysfunction.

We offer personal training, physical therapy, a host of yoga & fitness classes, health & community events as well as an assortment of holistic health products to help you along your health & wellness journey.


Path 2 Self Wellness Shop

Path 2 Self Logo
Path 2 Self Logo

Check out our online shop full of holistic health products to help you along your wellness path.

Path 2 Self Wellness Services

Our services promote holistic wellness through fitness, coaching, and therapy for physical and mental health.


Our wellness coaching service offers a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on optimizing the four pillars of wellness instead of just managing symptoms. We provide root cause solutions to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Wellness Coaching


We provide compassionate counseling and support to navigate life's challenges. Our experienced therapists offer personalized guidance for emotional well-being and growth.

Mental Wellness Therapy


Group Training Sessions offers diverse workouts led by expert trainers, including Functional strength training, boxing & kickboxing bootcamps, yoga & mobility training. Fostering camaraderie and motivation for achieving health & fitness goals together.

Group Training Sessions


Jade Turtle Dojo offers premier martial arts instruction, fostering discipline and strength in a welcoming environment. Join us for expert guidance on your journey to mastery.

Jade Turtle Dojo

Path 2 Self Wellness Courses

Looking For A Health Reset?
Start with one of our free 7-day courses


Join Now

VIP Unlimited Membership

  • Unlimited Group Sessions for 28 days. Kickstart your path to wellness with a complimentary Movement & Wellness Assessment and personalized training program. Receive nutritional guidance and enjoy access to open gym hours.

  • Plus, unlock additional benefits including access to the 30 Day Breathwork Master Course, our branded app & community forum, and VIP 10% off all products, events & services. Bring a friend 5x monthly for only $5 each and join us in achieving your wellness goals together. Take the first step – seize this opportunity now!


See What People Say About Us

"Just from the assessment alone I learned so much about my body and where my limitations were. Zach created a program tailored personally to my body’s needs and within four months of programming my training did a complete 180,  I feel more fit and conditioned than I ever have."

Alyssa P, Plainfield CT

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