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7-Day Hip Mobility Course

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Our 7-Day Hip Mobility Course will begin to build a foundation for improving your hip mobility to maximize your performance and minimize injury risk. Join Zach Beckwith (Owner of Path 2 Self Wellness, PTA and Personal Trainer) everyday for 7 days and less than 15 minutes a day and you will begin to transform your mobility using tried and trusted techniques that address the root cause of your mobility restrictions. Each day, for 7 days, you will be introduced to new techniques in which will build upon one another. You can begin each day by watching the videos to the new exercises you'll be performing followed by "today's routine" where you will perform each movement for the recommended sets, reps, tempo etc. Equipment required: 2 stick/canes, yoga block or small ball(soccer ball) This 7-day course will bring you through 3 of the 6 movements of the hips beginning with a self movement assessment followed by corrective exercises that help begin the journey of unlocking your hips.

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