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Primal Mobility Flow

Primal Mobility Flow to minimize injury & maximize performance

Here is what you can expect:

This Primal mobility flow class is targeted for all levels and will help you improve strength, joint health, control, balance and reduce pain and injury. This class incorporates end range mobility training, yoga, qi gong, breathwork and primal animal flow to bring a never before experience to you. Mobility training is different from flexibility training as flexibility training focuses on only improving range of motion where as mobility training focuses not only on improving your range of motion but most importantly the strength and control over it. this approach is sure to help decrease risk of injury while improving your health & performance.

  • 1 hour
  • Gales Ferry

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule and appointment please contact us before 8 hours from your scheduled appointment time. In understanding of circumstances that arise, we will not charge for late cancellations, however you risk not being able to schedule future appointments online. (This does not pertain to group sessions) Please, call the Wellness Center at 860-222-8510 if you wish to cancel inside the 8 hour timeframe. Thank you!

Contact Details

  • Path 2 Self Wellness Center, Connecticut 12, Gales Ferry, CT, USA


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