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Andrographis • Astragalus • Elderberry


  • Fast-acting immune support
  • Quicker recovery
  • Stronger sense of well-being



Crafted for Advanced Defense

Fortify your daily wellness with Mother Nature’s strongest immune-boosting compounds. The adaptogens in Critical Immune have historically been shown to promote:

  • Fast-acting immune support - optimizing your body’s defense response.
  • Quicker recovery - feeling your best in less time.
  • Stronger sense of well-being - adaptogenic herbs make the immune system smarter.


Why is Immune Defense Important?


Modern life takes a toll on the immune system. Chronic stress, lack of exercise, and poor sleep can create a perfect storm of vulnerability. When your body faces illness, sometimes daily nutrition isn’t enough and you need some extra support. Powerful herbs like astragalus and Andrographis have thousands of combined years of historical use in keeping the body healthy and protected from illness. When you support your immune system with medicinal herbs that work with your body’s natural defense system you are able to become more resilient and feel better faster.

Organifi Critical Immune

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