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Gideon McGee's Dream is the story of the adolescent in all of us, but specifically of fourteen year-old Gideon McGee, who wonders why the world is made the way it is, why such horrific things happen, and why he always seems to pull the short straw. Gideon McGee is a boy who finds life grossly unfair, and wonders why his luck has always been so bad, while his older brother's has been so good. While saving his ten year-old sister, who falls through the ice of a frozen pond, Gideon sinks to the bottom, and begins a journey with a spirit called Zacharaias. They travel through multiple universes, black holes, and simultaneous time, to find the meaning of Gideon's life, and why the world is the way it is.

The worlds that Gideon is shown are loosely based on stories from the world's wisdom traditions, but most have grown out of the author's twentieth century imagination. The thinking in the book derives from such modern day sages as Joseph Campbell, C.G. Jung, Thomas Moore and James Hillman, to name but a few. Zacharaias takes Gideon to many "other worldly" places, all offering a different lesson to the disenchanted young man.

The story is for everyone who has ever entered the dark night of the soul, and cried out to whoever would listen, "Why has this happened to me?" It has touched the hearts of many who have read the pre-published version, and urged the author forward with the project. It is a book that will mete out its secrets like a time-release capsule, as the reader grows in wisdom herself. Metaphors abound in Gideon McGee's Dream, and all it takes is the release of the reader's imagination to discover their hidden gold.



Gideon Mcgee's Dream

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